Introducing HFOC-100 — New Active Hybrid HDMI Cable

Qtex continues to impress us with excellent cable solutions. For example, the HFOC-100 active hybrid HDMI cable is the perfect tool for any scenario where you need to deliver a 4K AV signal to a display or projector from a source located several meters away. Because let's be fair, any old passive cable won't be up to the task.

This is more than a cable — it's a truly active device. What's good about it, no external power is needed — it is powered directly by the HDMI source port. The cable has a hybrid design, which means a combination of fiber strands and copper wires inside. Thanks to the fiber, an excellent protection against electromagnetic interference is guaranteed. And since the cable uses copper wires, the lack of galvanic isolation is not a big deal.

The cable is HDMI 2.0 compatible, supports 4K60Hz (4:4:4) resolution and HDCP 2.2 technology. A cable length of 50m is more than sufficient in most scenarios. It is intended for indoor use only, but that's exactly what we are looking for :).

Don't miss out! It's a great solution for both professional installers and end users!

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