Coming soon: New wireless collab device from Infobit + USB 3.x extender over CAT from CYP

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Infobit iShare X400 + wireless dongle (HDMI / USB-C)

Perfect solution for a collaboration inside a conference room doesn’t exi… Well actually it does! iShare X is the latest BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) solution which allows you to not only to share your image from your laptop or mobile device to the big screen but also adds seamless and one-touch wireless conferencing to your meeting room setup. No cables, no mess, with the best-in-class image quality. And if you want to utilise your laptops HDMI / USB-C ports for image sharing - we have this covered too with accessories like dongle.

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iShare X400 Wireless Conferencing System BYOM
iShare HX HDMI wireless dongle for X400, 1080p
iShare CX USB-C wireless dongle for X400, 1080p

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USB 3.0 extender over CAT from CYP

Need to transmit a USB 3.x signal for a longer distance? Well, you’re in trouble! Unless you’ll use the latest extender from CYP, which allows you to send USB 3.0 over CAT cable up to 100 metres! Our engineers have checked it and it works flawlessly. It will be a fantastic solution for conference room scenarios where more and more video conferencing devices (and not only) are requiring USB version 3.x for proper communication. Till now beating longer distances was a true problem to solve. Now it is easy. With CYP and Modulit.

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CH-730TX USB 3.0 Extender - transmitter
CH-730RX USB 3.0 Extender - receiver

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Demo products for testing are available now, stock will come later in Q3.