SurgeX SQUID is a True Revolution in ProAV Power Management

Protect, monitor and manage your power with the new all-in-one SurgeX SQUID power management solution.

One of the notable trends in the ProAV market at the moment is to have as many different but interconnected useful features in one product as possible. AMETEK Power Quality Solutions' SurgeX SQUID, which has literally revolutionized the professional AV installation industry, is a prime example of this approach.

You'll be doing the right, responsible, and professional thing by entrusting SQUID with power management of your AV system. But in fairness, it is no less right and responsible to familiarize yourself with the list of main features of this outstanding product:

  • Comprehensive set of power connectors: individually switchable AC/DC sockets and USB charging ports.
  • Advanced power protection technology: safeguard your AV equipment from power surges, spikes, and electrical faults.
  • Wired Ethernet connectivity: remote turn-on, turn-off, reboot, sequencing, scheduling, AutoPing and adjustable trigger functions.
  • Integrated monitoring and control: SQUID's analytical software allows you to monitor key electrical parameters, measure voltage, current, power, frequency, and temperature, and record events and measurements in its internal memory for further analysis.
  • Space-saving design: the SQUID's compact design allows it to easily fit into any AV system, including ones located in small rooms and huddle spaces, without sacrificing performance.

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